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When I decided to apply for graduate school, I received some dire warnings:

Kiss your life goodbye.

Don’t try to work at the same time – it’s suicide!

Graduate school is for twenty-somethings.

Forget reading for fun! Those scholarly article authors get paid by the word.

While those predictions  have  a small shred of truth, none of the accomplished MPAs, MBAs or BPS-ers that I polled mentioned the fact that graduate study would force my brain to behave in miraculous ways that heretofore were unimaginable,  making me a multi-tasking and time-management skills pro par excellance.  It also challenges nearly every value and preconception and reaffirms my choice of professional vocation and personal passions.

Plus you get to regularly use words like heretofore and no one even blinks.

My area of interest is museum studies, with art education and new media concentrations. For next semester’s capstone course, I will present orally and in written form the sum of nearly two years of research.  It’s not called a thesis in the course catalog, but it certainly feels like one!

I’m currently writing a short paper on social media and visual art museums, so in the interest of that topic, I’ve posted the draft (operative word alert!) on Google Docs.  Feel free to check it out and pass along your comments. *

*Totally self-serving, I know, but being able to add a short paragraph on crowd-sourcing my paper would be a nice touch! Plus it would help my wicked writer’s block.

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2 thoughts on “work in progress

  1. This was a well thought out and documented piece. Very informative. So this is where my brain cells went. In case someone is wondering what is this crazy person talking about I am Adrianne’s Mom. Keep up the good work the Art world needs new blood running through it to shake things up and not let it die a slow death.


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