talent round-up day

Highlighting nonprofit organizations and individuals doing stellar work!

  • Taking its inspiration from Carnegie Corporation Chair  Russell Leffingwell’s  1952 statement, “We think that the foundation should have glass pockets”, the Foundation Center has created glasspockets.org to gather all of the  foundations that excel in transparency and accountability in one convenient place.
  • James Christen Steward, newly appointed Director of Princeton University Art Museum, wants to (clutch the pearls!) reinvent the museum as a place for everyone.   His belief that “many museums act as if they don’t trust their audiences” is sure to be considered treasonous by some.
  • The Saint Louis Art Museum is taking applications for its Romare Bearden Minority Museum Fellowship program until March 1, 2010.   Designed for graduate students and beginning professionals just out of graduate school, the paid fellowship is an effort to “build a pool of outstanding minority professionals for art museum work.” 
  • The Royalty Fields Grant Program  offers matching grants up to $5,000 to improve  facilities for small nonprofits and local government agencies than operate youth baseball and/or softball programs.   If you’ve ever played on a sub-par field full of gopher holes with no grass and a lopsided infield or had to sit on a milk crate because you didn’t have a dugout, you can understand why these kind of programs have such an immediate and beneficial impact!

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