talent round-up day

Highlighting nonprofit organizations and individuals doing stellar work!

  • The Teen Museum Studies program, currently underway at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, is exactly the thing I was looking for in high school since I wasn’t an art student but intensely interested in art and already a seasoned museum devotee.   In addition to meeting with museum staff and exploring a vast range of career opportunities, the attendees are also opening an exhibition on July 20.   Follow their progress on the museum’s blog or via Facebook.
  • Detroit, Michigan has definitely taken its share of hard knocks lately.  Despite the wide-spread impact of the recent economic implosion  on this metropolis, area nonprofits are doing what such organizations were created to do: filling the gaps and joining with the community to assist neighbors in need, transforming the former Motor City into “The Do-It-Yourself City.”   Every Girls Dream, founded by Darlene Richards, supplies donated wedding gowns to brides suffering economic hardship.  I am not a “frilly frou-frou type person” either (as one client referred to herself in this article) but I couldn’t help being touched by the idea of these women having the opportunity to feel their best on one of the most impactful days of their lives.  [for a more insightful view into Detroit’s inner workings check out this blog.]
  • It looks like the Leopold Foundation (dba Leopold Museum) and the heirs of art dealer Lea Bondi Jaray are close to settling on an agreement that will ultimately return Egon Schiele’s Portrait of  Wally to public view.   This contentious legal battle involves disputed ownership, seizure of the artwork in question by state prosecutors, questionable provenance and the fate of German Nazi-looted works of art during World War II (check out The Rape of Europa for some perspective on this issue.)
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