my 5 favorite art museums (for now)

Asking me to choose my favorite art museums is like asking someone to pick their favorite child.

Actually, that might be easier.

But as part of the 31 Days to a Brand New Blog Challenge, we’ve been tasked with writing a list post, so I thought I would go with a subject that is near and dear to my heart:

My 5 Favorite Art Museums (for now)*

 Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art


As if being literally a stone’s throw away from my job wasn’t great enough, this cozy museum presents thought-provoking exhibitions while effectively highlighting its permanent collection.  Crowd-sourcing an exhibition of its volunteers’ favorite works and highlighting local artists earns this museum high marks.

Dallas Museum of Art

My first visit to this museum took place during an AmeriCorps Habitat for Humanity Build-a-Thon.  After spending five days constructing houses in the spring heat, it was a welcome respite.  I was totally won over by Late Nights, my first up-close viewing of work by Edgar Degas and the museum’s support of young visual artists.

Art Institute of Chicago

This is the place where my pop culture references collide.   Grant Wood’s iconic American Gothic.    Ivan Albright’s masterfully grotesque Picture of Dorian Gray (which gave me nightmares as a kid after watching the movie.)   Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks.   My beloved  A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

Spencer Museum of Art

For some reason, university art museums seem to get lost in the shuffle.  Located on the main  University of Kansas campus, I spent a lot of time in the galleries as a woefully shell-shocked (and broke) freshman.   Even though it’s close to home,  I don’t visit nearly as much as I would like.  Thankfully, the Spencer Art Minute keeps me connected to the collection.

Walker Art Center

Much more than “just” an art museum, the Walker presents  a steady stream of dynamic exhibitions, lectures, films and performances.  Innovative programs like Open Field and Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council (WACTAC) solidify its place as an industry leader.

*excluding my place of employment due to conflict of interest 🙂

Tyler Green (Modern Art Notes) is hosting a favorite museum deathmatch contest.  What place makes your inner art geek swoon? Please share your favorite art museums in the comments.

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