adding “lazy rapist” to my résumé

In his August 12, 2010 diatribe-du-jour slandering democrats, the Obama Administration, leftists, liberals and “what have you” (anyone else he couldn’t stand that day), Rush Limbaugh claimed that nonprofit organizations and their employees “siphon contributions as their salaries” and have the nerve to consider themselves “good people” even though they are “rapists in terms of finance and economy.”  Please take a listen while I check my blood pressure.

It’s common knowledge that Rush (may I call you Rush?) could care less about black folks, is indifferent to gender inequality unless it involves making a blonde female 26 years his junior his “better half” and really digs bashing black women.  Finally, I represent all that he truly despises: a black, brunette woman working for a nonprofit organization  

It would have been interesting if Rush had offered some compelling evidence supporting the ills of nonprofits.  I am not above critical assessment when it comes to my bread and butter, so color  me disappointed.  Rush missed the opportunity to spark a necessary conversation regarding the sector’s response to the new American economy.   However, to do so, he would have to be  interested in exchanging ideas in the first place.  His distasteful flavor of hogwash is simply par for the course.     

See, Rush is an entertainer.  If you want a primer on how a down-on-his-luck small town guy captures the ear of a nation, Elia Kazan’s “A Face in the Crowd” shows you how its done.    

Get it, people? He’s an actor.  Spewing hate into the world and laughing all the way to the bank, it’s hard to knock the hustle.  It would be funny if people didn’t actually believe him. 

Though what people say is telling, often their behavior reveals even more.  Here’s a breakdown of Rush’s more recent nonprofit-related activities:

Gee, Rush is just like me.  When he’s sick, he seeks treatment from the best doctors and hospitals he can afford.   He uses his influence to raise money for causes he supports.  He’s driven to apopletic convulsions at the sound of “Poker Face.”    

Rush can talk out the side of his neck all he wants, but I know better.   He loves nonprofits which, truth be told, keep the “big government” he purportedly fears from getting bigger.   

 Thank goodness those “idiots” at the organizations he needed felt like working those days.    

 DC Central Kitchen employees sum up Rush’s trash talk in one word.  Is he justified in calling shenanigans on nonprofit employees?

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  3. I love love loved this title…and the piece was astounding. It’s amazing how hypocritical he is and if people actually took the time (or cared) to see that what he spouts isn’t necessarily how he lives his life.


    • Thank you! It all seems to be pretty much a shell game, or some kind of slight-of-hand, but it’s remarkably effective. It’s a lot tougher to peel back the layers and search for a person’s true motivation.


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