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 Highlighting nonprofit organizations and individuals doing stellar work!

  • Over 1,500 individuals applied for the chance to “live and breathe science” 24/7 (and receive $10,000 for their trouble) during the “Month at the Museum” project at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.  With contact limited to just immediate family (and cells, texts, emails & other personal tech delights banned), the person selected will interact with visitors and blog, tweet and podcast their experiences inside the museum and during outreach events in the surrounding community.   I don’t envy the selection team as some of the entries are pretty creative.  I’m already plotting a trip to see the “exhibit.” 
  • The Kansas City’s Zoo newest furry resident, a polar bear named Nikita, is generating well-deserved buzz for the 101-year old organization.   Nikita’s Polar Bear Passage contains 140,000 gallons of cool water with plenty of room to swim, rest and eat over 20 pounds of food daily.  Get up close and personal with Nikita here.  The new $11M eco-friendly habitat was constructed with a mix of public and private funding.  Hopefully, the success of this project will help jump-start the overdue process of regional funding for Kansas City Metropolitan area attractions.
  • The Kansas City, Kansas School District  is strictly enforcing student immunization policies (exemptions were allowed for “medical or religious purposes.”)    Although parents and guardians were notified that students would not be allowed to attend school without updated records, many did not know their students were behind or had to receive new immunizations.  The last-minute rush for shots was stressful for parents, students, the district, local doctors and health clinics, but the District should be commended for its firm stance on reducing transmittable illnesses such as whooping cough and measles in the student and staff populations.   Kudos also go out to the emergency volunteers who assisted the Wyandotte County Public Health Department in administering vaccines, including students from University of Kansas School of Medicine.

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