talent round-up day

Highlighting nonprofit organizations and individuals doing stellar work!

  • I’m currently obsessed with the Philbrook Museum of Art cat-cams, courtesy of Acer and Perilla, two felines that roam the Tulsa, Oklahoma museum’s 23 acres of gardens.  Jeff Martin, Philbrook’s Online Communities Manager, offers some background on the project via the Center for the Future of Museums blog.  I’m tempted to place cameras on my own cats, but I’m sure the view from their near-constant perch on the sofa would be pretty boring. 
  • After scads of bad publicity, a lawsuit and general condemnation from the art community at-large, Brandeis University has decided to not sell The Rose Art Museum’s collection (official press release here.)  Although more debate is needed regarding the myriad confusing and conflicting guidelines for deaccessioning art, selling off an established collection wholesale just to keep the lights on is never a good idea.
  •  Community Housing of Wyandotte County (CHWC) has a burgeoning arts program, suppported by the Youth ART Fund, that is transforming lives and landscapes in Kansas City, Kansas.   Mural projects, photography, art and creative technology classes encourage young people and their families to artistically express themselves, develop new skills and help create community sustainability.