wanted: emerging museum professionals

There are as many definitions for the term “emerging museum professional” as there are museums. No matter how you define it, I want to hear from you!

During the month of April this blog will focus on the unique challenges and issues affecting those who are new to the museum field. I would love to feature guest posts from anyone interested in sharing their experiences as museum world newbies or those who have advice and/or observations for newcomers.

If you’re interested, please contact me via comment to this post, Twitter or russell (dot) adrianne (at) gmail (dot) com.

Unfortunately, as I am emerging myself I can only offer my extreme gratitude for your contributions but hopefully that will change in the future! 🙂

16 thoughts on “wanted: emerging museum professionals

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  2. I would love to participate in this! I spent the last 2 years working at a museum &living history site and found ways to make the most out of every single opportunity and task I was given and turn it into more.


  3. I’m interested in being a part of the discussion too, and I see that you want writing and pictures submitted by March 26. 🙂

    I am starting to think that the definition of “emerging museum professional” is “someone who realizes just how emerging they are.” As I’m sure many can relate, I’m at that frustrating place where I have a Master’s and varied experience but I don’t yet feel like I’ve “arrived.” Whether or not you’re interested in posting anything I write, it’ll be good to read what others say on this topic.


    • Thank you!

      That’s an interesting approach. I’m probably just in that place you describe. I think that it means different things to everyone. How much would you have to accomplish to feel that you’ve arrived? Who gets to decide when you’ve reached the arrival point? Not that I expect you to have answers to all of this but I’m eager to hear your thoughts. 🙂


      • Well, the first things that come to mind, first thing in the morning, are that I’ll feel like I’ve at least semi-arrived when my employment is financially sustainable and when it allows me to really use my degree.

        Beyond that, I’d also like to be in a place where I can have a voice in the workplace and where there is room to keep advancing over time.


      • I think the opportunity for advancement (or lack thereof) is a huge issue. Especially if you really have love for your organization and believe in the work you’re doing. Loyalty is important but everyone has to eat! And pay back student loans. 🙂


    • Hi Tonya!

      Thanks so much for your interest. Topic choice is yours, as long as it pertains in some way to emerging museum professionals. I think it’s great that you can provide perspective from the other side of the pond! 🙂

      Due date for posts is March 26. Please send post with any pics you want to use to russell.adrianne@gmail.com.


  4. Hi Adrianne, I saw your message on the LinkedIn group, and would love to be part of this. I’m definitely what you’d call an emerging professional: I just finished a museum studies grad program, and am looking to get my foot in the door at a science or natural history museum. My interests are in education, exhibition design and evaluation (the 3 Es, as I call them), and I’ve worked in specimen prep labs, volunteered in classrooms and science museums, and conducted evaluations at zoos. Just let me know what kind of a story you’re looking for! Oh, my twitter handle is @julipants.


  5. Hi, Adrianne. I tweeted you, but I figured here couldn’t hurt either. I’m definitely what you’d call “emerging”. I’ve worked for and volunteered with two different county-level historical societies, interned with and volunteered for a children’s museum, and hope to one day have a career in a major museum (there are many I would find acceptable). I’d love to share my kooky experiences about site managing a small historic site in Minnesota, if you’ve any interest.


    • Hi Anna! I sent you a tweet back. The kookier the better! Your choice on the topic but I think it’s great that you can give the employee and volunteer perspective. I love learning more about historic sites. Thanks for posting & introducing me to your blog (the name rocks, BTW). 🙂

      Due date for posts is March 26, please include any pics you want to use.


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