winner & weekend!

Thank you so much to everyone for reading, sharing and commenting during Emerging Museum Professionals Week! I hope the posts gave you ample food for thought and introduced you to some up-and-coming museum rockstars. Extra-special thanks to the contributors for sharing your ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm with us!

The super high-tech random bot generator that selected the giveaway winner went on full revolt. I almost resorted to pulling names from a hat when it finally gave up the goods last night. So, without further delay, congratulations Courtney Barrette! Check your email for info.

In other news, I’m heading to Minneapolis this weekend for the American Association of Museums Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo. This is my second year attending and I’m very excited. Museum geekery will flow via Twitter so apologies in advance if that’s not your thing (but if you’re reading this I hope it is!) You can also follow these hashtags for meeting-related updates: #aam2012, #futrchat, #musesocial, and #aamemp. If you have any questions about my tweets during the events, please give me a shout at @adriannerussell. It would be cool to break the Q&A ice with, “One of my Twitter followers wants to know…”

As you can see above, the theme is Creative Community. I think I have my workshop selections nailed down but I’ve made sure to leave plenty of time for meeting my Twitter crushes, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. My plan last year to find people by hanging out near a coffee source worked pretty well, so there’s a good chance you will find me there between sessions. Visiting some of the area’s amazing museums and sampling local beer is also on the agenda.

I’ll be back next week with much to share!

4 thoughts on “winner & weekend!

      • What was your favorite session? I geeked out a little bit during the “Museum as Prototype” one.. I wanted to run and do something right afterward.


      • I really enjoyed the session on using Wikipedians in museums. My mind was already pondering something similar and that just seemed like the Universe was trying to tell me something! But I had so many conversations between sessions that made me feel like you did. I was ready to get going!


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