talent round-up day

By Stefan Scheer, CC via Wikimedia Commons

Highlighting nonprofit organizations and individuals doing stellar work!

  • BoysGrow, a Kansas City, Missouri-based farming and business program dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship recently celebrated its second anniversary. Boys ages 12-15, mentored by adults and other program participants, earn a salary while learning how to grow, harvest and sell agricultural products, and developing necessary life skills. These products are then sold to local restaurants and grocery stores.
  • The United States’ Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is finally examining the antiquated rules governing nonprofit social welfare organizations. Many of these so-called nonprofits claim to be nonpartisan and benefit from 501(c)(4) tax code exemptions (such as private donor lists and tax-exempt status) while being bankrolled by political special interest groups and individuals representing both sides of the Congressional aisle. Hopefully, this will quickly become part of the larger conversation regarding donor transparency, campaign spending limits, and regulation of flagrant tax abuse.
  • Hoping to provide one-stop-shopping for philanthropists eager to donate, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation has created the Giving Library. The website contains informational videos from over 250 organizations seeking support. Interested donors can anonymously request further details and the nonprofits are vetted to ensure fiscal responsibility and good standing with the IRS. This could soon become a match.com-style space for nonprofits and funders, hopefully complete with heartwarming “sucess story” updates.