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Apologies for the delay in posts but it’s for a good reason. This is my first week as the Coordinator of Public Programs & Events at Kansas State University’s Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art.

I’ve been slowly transitioning into a new (to me and the museum) position, relocating to a new city, and trying to convince my die-hard Jayhawker brother to visit me in Wildcat Country.

My first official staff pic of the new banner installation! 


But there’s so much possibility here! I’ve always felt that university art museums chronically suffer from low visibility (whether that is intentional or not is the stuff of debate). The collaborative opportunities within the university and the surrounding community are very exciting! It definitely gets my interdisciplinary brain spinning. 🙂

Of course, there’s much to  learn but I’m ready for the challenge.

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  2. I just moved from a big museum to a small university museum that as you note, suffers, like so many others, from low visibility. I really look forward to your thoughts about working in the university museum environment and the unique audience issues there (i.e. balancing University students and staff; K-12 groups; local community members). I always enjoy your blog, and I do hope you’ll share!


    • Where are you working now? I’m thinking we may need some sort of support group! 🙂 My co-workers were thrilled about the banners because that was one of the first steps toward establishing an out-loud presence on the campus. I agree there are some unique challenges (many of which I have yet to encounter obviously), but some issues are universal when it comes to audience engagement. I think it’s important to establish that you’re a community-wide resource, not just an extension of the Art Department.


      • You’re exactly right about establishing the fact that university museums are a community-wide resource! I think the museum I’m at battled with that early on–folks assuming we were an extension of the Anthropology Dept. (we’re a science and culture museum). Fortunately, I’ve found that the “community-wide resource” pitch works well for the University’s PR team as well–Universities want to show that they’re addressing student and faculty needs, but also that they’re also a great resource and service for the community at large.

        I just haven’t found too many people talking about these specific issues online, so you have a great chance to be a resource and sounding board for so many of us out here! Woohoo!

        I’m at the Frank H. McClung Museum at the University of Tennessee–if you’re ever in the area, feel free to look me up! Headed to any conferences this year?


      • I’ve never been there. I’m excited to add another museum to my must-see list. As far as conferences this year, I’m trying to get to Museum Computer Network in November. I’m keeping my fingers crossed it will work out.


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