works of fright

Halloween’s my favorite holiday! What’s not to love about candy, costumes and scaring yourself silly? One of my most-loved posts on this blog is about haunted museums. This year, in the spirit of all things spooky, I’m sharing some paintings that give me the creeps.

Man Shot Down. Gerhard Richter, 1988. Image via

Modern Rhapsody. Salvador Dali, 1957. Image via

The Lovers. Rene Magritte, 1928. Image via

Portrait of Dr. Edward Anthony Spitzka. Thomas Eakins, 1913. Image via

Ellis. Otto Dix, 1922. Image via

Twins. Everett Spruce, 1939-1940. Image via Dallas Museum of Art.

What’s your favorite scary artwork? Have you ever been haunted by an image?

8 thoughts on “works of fright

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  2. Jamie, I agree about Fuseli. He has a wonderful technique, but painted a dark subject matter. I love the black paintings that were once attributed to Goya. They are dark and disturbing.


  3. “The Scream”!!! haha that’s what I think about when I think about fear in art. But “Modern Rapsody” seems intriguing, kind of like it stepped out of an old horror film.. except the nudity doesn’t quite fit that idea but still, you get the concept.. I hope?


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