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Courtesy of Museum Minute

Courtesy of Museum Minute

Fire the confetti cannons! Today is Museum Blog/gers Day! In celebration of its third birthday, Museum 140 is partnering with Museum Minute to celebrate all of the awesome that is museum blogging on Twitter via #MuseumBlogs.

As Museum Minute explains:

If you like reading about museums, writing about museums, chatting about museums, or learning about museums – join the conversation this Wednesday! Share your favorite museum blogs, recommend your favorite museum bloggers, and brag (or share) your favorite/most-read museum blog posts.

I’ve been blogging about museums for almost five years (!) and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. It’s great to have a space where I can question, examine, and ponder the field that I love, and I’m especially grateful that others read, respond, and give me food for thought. I can’t say thank you enough.

The museum blogging community is generous, supportive, and full of mind-blowing collective badassery (as demonstrated by Museum Minute’s “Meet a Museum Blogger” series). So go forth and spread the love!



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