museums respond to ferguson

"Black Lives Matter Black Friday", Photo by The All-Nite Images.

“Black Lives Matter Black Friday”, Photo by The All-Nite Images.

Since posting the Joint Statement from Museum Bloggers & Colleagues on Ferguson & Related Events, so many threads of amazing conversations have occurred. For me, the discussions have been thought-provoking, challenging, and restorative. So let’s keep it going, shall we?

Save the Date: Dec. 17, 2014, 1-2 PM (CST) for a twitter chat hosted by me and Aleia Brown on social justice, advocacy, and the museum field’s responses to the issues of racism, injustice, and unchecked police brutality. Follow and join the conversation using the tag #museumsrespondtoferguson.


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    Join the #museumsrespondtoferguson conversation today Dec. 17, 1-2 PM (CST) for a twitter chat hosted by museum bloggers Adrianne Russell and Aleia Brown.


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