Michelle Obama, “Activism”, and Museum Employment Part II

Big ups to The Incluseum crew for this post! I’m sharing it as a virtual co-sign and in solidarity with the issues it highlights.

the incluseum

In this post, Aletheia, Porchia, and Rose want to respond to Elizabeth Merritt’s March 26th, 2015 blogpost entitled On Morning Coffee and Activism that appeared on the Center for the Future of Museum Blog. Here, we want to challenge the idea that race/racism is one issue among many museums get to pick from and address. We want to also clarify the #MuseumsRespondtoFerguson movement and link it to the recent movement, #MuseumsWorkersSpeak. Finally, we will magically tie this discussion back to our first blogpost in this series on the comments Michelle Obama’s delivered at the Whitney’s inauguration. This blogpost thus builds a few convergences because, as Gretchen Jennings just reminded us, “everything that rises must converge”; things that might seem disconnected or are treated as such are actually deeply intertwined.

Like Elizabeth in her response to Starbucks’ #RaceTogether initiative, we agree that milking matters of social justice for corporate gain is…

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