on view: diversity in the arts

When the Ford Foundation announced significant changes in its grantmaking scope to focus entirely on addressing inequality, the news reverberated throughout the philanthropy world. In this conversation, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and Museum of Modern Art President Emerita Agnes Gund discuss inequality in museums.

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on view: help launch an interactive jacob lawrence microsite

Washington, D.C.’s The Phillips Collection has a treasure trove of material culture related to artist Jacob Lawrence and is asking for help making it accessible. The Phillips’ planned interactive microsite will feature rarities such as unseen interviews of the artist, biographical materials, and archival photos. The highlight: high-resolution images of Lawrence’s breathtaking sixty-panel “The Migration Series” which chronicles the first massive movement of over a million African-Americans from rural Southern states to urban locales in the Northeast, West, and Midwest between the two World Wars, known as the Great Migration. [Note: My family was part of the over five-million-strong Second Great Migration departing Mississippi and Tennessee for Missouri in the 1950s.]

on view: happy (we are from luton)

No shade to “Let It Go” but I’m still trying to figure out how Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” didn’t take home this year’s Best Original Song Oscar. What other tune has the power to make movie stars shimmy and total strangers dance together in the grocery store aisle (what, that was just me)? Anyway, inspired by the feel-good song of forever, Luton, England’s Museum Makers, a community group dedicated to celebrating Wardown Park Museum, organized this amazing visual love letter to their town. Achievement unlocked on this vid because not only do I want to visit this museum, I also want all of these people to be my friends.

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