on view: diversity in the arts

When the Ford Foundation announced significant changes in its grantmaking scope to focus entirely on addressing inequality, the news reverberated throughout the philanthropy world. In this conversation, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker and Museum of Modern Art President Emerita Agnes Gund discuss inequality in museums.

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on view: 2015 aam general session keynote address

Normally, On View features brief videos but every so often there’s something of length that is absolutely required viewing. So get comfy, watch Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole’s spot-on call to action to the museum field and take notes. You can also read a transcript of Dr. Cole’s address here.

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on view: dino rap – science parody of coco

My latest video obsession is Coma Niddy, the self-proclaimed “Science Rapper Video Person” at PBS Digital Studios.  From raps about light pollution, realistic fears, and dark matter to cracking bad science jokes, science myth-busting, and debating whether or not we should wash our jeans, his videos are right up my science nerd alley. Check the vid below to learn why he’s in love with the Dinos.

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